Just swapped into a new case, now my hard drives aren't detected.

Today I got in the mail my Corsair 600T case. After a couple hours of getting everything switched out, I hooked it up and was ready to go. But I get nothing. In bios, all six of my sata ports read "not detected". I have my boot 500gb in sata1 and my 2.0 TB (steam folder) in sata 2... It's so hard to find a solution for this online because it's so strange... I've hooked everything up just as it was before... And am feeling very, very helpless. If anyone has had a similar issue and somehow found a solution... Your help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. It sounds like a power issue. Are you sure that the connectors from your PSU to your HDD's are plugged in properly both at the PSU end and the HDD end? Sometimes moving things around can jar things loose.
  2. I have :(
  3. Disregard... Swapped the connections around a bit on my PSU and it's working like a charm. This case ROCKS.
  4. Please put that thread as SOLVED. ^^
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