I5-750 running noticably slower than old q6600

I recently got a core i5 and since my computer has been prone too freeze up alot when playing games(especially WoW). I had none of these problems with my old Q6600, do you think I got a faulty cpu? or is there something I was supposed to install when i got it? thx

EVGA P55 SLi mobo
core i5-750 (duh)
2x 1gb G. Skill DDR3-1600
Radeon 4890
Corsair 450w PSU
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  1. Could be a bad driver or an underpowered PSU.
  2. I think your PSU is onderpowering it. Maybe I am wrong but a 450W with a 4890 is not enough
  3. How old is the psu?

    Also, is that Two 1 GB ram that im seeing?

    If so then what OS and os bit are you running? 32 bit or 64 bit and windows xp, vista or 7.

    If you have 64 bit os then i would recommend getting an additional 2 GB of ram as your meting the Minimal requirement for ram.
  4. Yea, if you check Amd's site/or sapphire's site they both recommend a 500w power supply as a minimum.
  5. crazy359 said:
    I think your PSU is onderpowering it. Maybe I am wrong but a 450W with a 4890 is not enough

    Well if a new psu i wouldn't worry to much of the psu. What ATI and Nvidia recommend are buffer zones to guarantee the PSU will have enough watts to power the GPU.


    System in IDLE = 223 Watt
    System with GPU in FULL Stress = 370 Watt


    (note this is total system power. not gpu.)
  6. I doubt the i5 is drawing much more power than the Q6600 was tbh.
  7. yes that is 2 sticks of 1gb ram and I am running 32-bit vista...plan on upgrading to windows 7 rlly soon...and PSU is aout a year old, worked fine when i had the q6600+4890
  8. Something is definitely not working right. Cause my i5 definitely showed considerable gains over my Q6600 that I had OC'd to 3.2Ghz.

    As was mentioned above, a higher powered PSU is not a bad idea to be safe. But biggest concern for me however, is the 2GB of RAM you have. These days, 4GB should really be the target for RAM. With WoW and all the related plugins for it, RAM can actually be somewhat important.

    How much RAM did you run on the Q6600/775 setup?

    EDIT: Also, with any system update (especially motherboard/chipset changes) it's a good idea to do some driver cleaning and make sure you have the LATEST drivers for all your motherboard chipset stuff. Audio drivers, etc. Then you may want to remove and reinstall the video card drivers as well.
  9. ahhh, nice point, i did not consider that. I had 6gb of ram(I think only like 4 was used tho since I have 32bit)
  10. I would up your RAM for sure and consider upping that power supply. I have the 4890 also, and remember reading about the 500w minimum.
  11. Ok so most probably a memory issue (especially since your running vista).

    jerreece brings up a good point. did you do a fresh install of windows with your new motherboard installation?
  12. no I did not, should I?
    EDIT: I only have the upgrade version
  13. The upgrade edition has the full version. You'd be fine with a reinstall. I wouldn't bother with a reinstall right now until you know how the extra RAM does, though.

    It is good to uninstall old drivers, etc., but in your case, I'm not convinced it's your major source of bottle-necking.
  14. 2 gb is too little
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