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Hey guys
I just got myself a new fan however I only got a molex connector to use. I got this adapter but it connects the yellow wire from the molex to the red wire of the fan. Is this a problem?
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  1. Without seeing a pic of your adapter and fan, I don't think you have a problem.

    Parts are designed to fit only one way and work properly.

    Three pin fan connectors may have a speed sensing wire that will not be functional when used with a molex adapter. The fan will simply run at it's rated speed.
  2. Its fine. Yellow is 12 volts on the molex(and 12 is what fan is made to run on), and red is 5.

    Fans tend to use red for 12. and they use yellow for speed sensing(as said above, does not work without an extra cable that connects to the board for this feature).

    Black is always ground
  3. It does not have a speed sensing wire and personally it doesn't bother me I just want it to run at full speed all the time.
    Thanks for the replies guys I'll just connect it and hope for the best
  4. No hope should be needed, but if you are worried, a link to the fan and adapter would help us put your mind at ease.

    I have yet to see any issues with those adapters and use them my self.(yellow[12] and black to red[12] and black)

    If it went red to red, the fan would run at 5 volts.
  5. Fan link: (it's not exactly this one I can't remember the exact model)

    Adapter link:

    I'm gonna try it tomorrow after work. If you say it won't hurt then I'm nobody to say otherwise I just wanted to make sure. I can't afford another one at the moment
  6. Your adapter on ebay has a female plug(the little black one). It does not seem to be made for a normal fan. If you look in the link to the Evercool fan, the third picture is what the adapter should look like.

    To be honest, most fans i have ordered came with the 4 - 3 pin adapters.
  7. I actually have a similar question I've been wondering about. I would like to add this fan to my side-case mount and I'd like to put it on its highest setting via molex, but still hook it up to the mobo for fan speed monitoring, and lower speeds when idle, etc. But I'm not clear how that works with the connections.

    Is this a "one or the other" thing? Where I can either hook it up to molex for maximum power going to it? OR I can hook it up to the mobo for variable speed? Can I do both?

    Product details say:
    3-speed switch lets you balance quiet performance with maximum cooling
    3-pin and 4-pin power connectors provide convenient connections to your motherboard or power supply
    Fan-speed monitoring capability included (requires compatible motherboard)
  8. The fans you are looking at, Antec Tri-cool Can be run off 4 or 3 pin, but they have a speed control switch(on a short cable) to make them faster or slower.

    If you want the board to control them, just plug them into your motherboard and let it deal with them.

    Not all boards control fans as well, so depending on your board, you will have different options.

    Also note that slowing those fans down with the board may reduce the LED brightness while they are slowed. With the built in switch, the LED's will stay bright no matter the speed setting(L-M-H).

    From the look of it, you can run molex and still see the speed with another plug connected to the board.
  9. Nukemaster the links I provided were simply what I found on google. The adapter was given to me by the store guy. Anyway like I said I'll do what you said and see how it works out.

    Edit: Reporting in. It works with no problems at all like you said Nukemaster. The temperature difference isn't much maybe 3º but I couldn't expect more from the cheapest 80mm I could find
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