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I have a problem.

Till recently, my Shuttle SFF pc was humming along with specs as listed below. then my optical drive died.

So, I purchased a new DVD writer (SATA) to replace an older DVD writer that was EIDE, since there were SATA ports already built into the Mobo.

After I installed the optical drive, Windows XP refused to boot complaining with the following error message "boot disk failure insert system disk and press enter"

So after I scandisk'd a bunch of times (never revealing any issues), I spent significant time googling for a solution.

In the process I made the following discoveries:
1) The HDD based WinXP ( in Drive E) will boot successfully if and only if either of the following are performed
- (a) A bootable CD should be in the optical drive during system bootup (Win XP install or BartPE, either works). This, despite the fact that I don't press a key to boot off the CD
- (b) I disconnect the SATA optical drive from the Mobo

2) If I try to boot into BartPE, the system fails with a BSOD.
3) If I try to boot to the recovery console to try a "fixmbr", I meet with a BSOD.

So, my question to to y'all is - why is the system behaving this way?

My system specs and changes are listed below.

Thanks very much for your inputs!


Previous specs
1. Shuttle ST61 motherboard + Pentium 4 @ 2.8 GHz +1.5 GB RAM
2. Two EIDE HDDs partitioned as follows:
-- a) 150GB partitioned 3 ways -
---- C = blank (122.5 GB)
---- E = Boot - Win XP OS (25GB)
---- G = Pagefile (2.5GB)
-- b) 300 GB drive partitioned 2 ways -
---- H = User data (195GB)
---- I = Backup (105 GB)
3. Lite On IDE DVD writer

Change to spec
Replace the Lite On IDE optical drive with a SATA DVD writer from LG (GH22LS40)
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  1. I assume you've tried plugging the optical drive into different SATA ports? Also, try using different SATA cables. It's possible your SATA ports have issues.
  2. Thanks for the note.

    Dunno how to diagnose a SATA port issue. Any tips?

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