Which case has the best air flow for gaming?

I am building a new i7 rig for the first time. It will be used for gaming mostly. I want to overclock my 920 i7 so good air flow is essential. I want to know which is better: the Antec 1200, the Cooler Master HAF 932, the Lian Li PC-P80, or the Thermaltake Armor . Asus P6T V2 mobo 2 x BFG nVidia GTX 285 OC 6 GB Corsair Dominator 1600 Intel 920 i7 Prolimatech Megahalem CPU Cooler LG 24 x DVD Drive 1200 W PSU 2 x WD Velociraptor 300 GB HDD 2 x WD Caviar Black 1 TB HDD I would like to overclock my i7 to about 3.5 ~ 4.0 Ghz. Please let me know which Case would be the best for this build.... Thanks.
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  1. From the options that you have listed, the CM HAF 932 probably has the best airflow...If you can afford it, you may want to consider the CM Storm Sniper (better airflow than all of them, but costs ~$160 US). Most importantly, you will need good cable management when you start your build.
  2. my case, the lancool dragonlord k62, is an absolute beauty.

    roomy, with excellent airflow and great looks. its my personal fav. and it should suit your build well.

    id recomend checking out some reviews of it.
  3. I've got the CM HAF, as recommended by 'GoonerMD', and I am pretty happy with it. I cannot imaging a case with more air flow... From there it is more a matter of esthetics.
    It has big fans, which allows for lower RPM, whilst still moving a lot of air.
    Make sure though that you angle your CPU fans in the right direction. My OCd AMD is well below 40C
    I see that it now runs maybe $140 or so
  4. I would say, the HAF 932 has slightly (1% ?) more airflow stock but the 1200 has air filters so if you took them off, I think you'd earn back more than the difference. You can also add two optional fans to the 1200 (I did). Built my son's box last fall w/ Antec 1200 w/ i7-920, GTX 295 and the Magahalems ...all fit easily. Using the Asus R2E, he has 3 OC Profiles

    3.7 Ghz with all BIOS settings on Auto, CPU Voltage - 1.125, CPU temps = low 50's, all case fans at 50% speed
    4.2 Ghz with all BIOS settings on Auto, (HT Off) CPU Voltage - 1.275, CPU temps = 73,71,72,71, all case fans at 50% speed
    4.4 Ghz with numerous BIOS changes, (HT On) CPU Voltage - don't remember temps / voltages all case fans at 50% speed
  5. HAF or 1200. I think thy're pretty similar for airflow so it's worth looking at other features like cable management, expansion, looks etc.
  6. Antec 1200 is better at cooling than the HAF - Custom PC included both cases in their last group test of cases using a thermal camera and temperature controlled enviroment.
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    the HAF, at it's standard build is more for a silent approach, if you replaced all of the fans included with some higher power 120mm fans, or a higher powered larger fan, then the HAF would easily win out.

    At stock the benefit of the HAF is the larger and quieter fans, and since the 1200 have huge room as well and same or better cooling at stock, it's down to your noise ignoring (or sound system + neighbor) and looks more than anything.

    The ONLY thing that made me go with the HAF is that the side of the HAF allows for 4x 120mm fans (defaults to a big 230mm side fan), if you want a high performance Crossfire or SLI system, the HAF would be a better choice to air cool those puppies as intake (if you go water, well then nvm)

    The HAF was designed as a high airflow case when you put in enough high speed fans, but they didn't because frankly, 100+ CFM 120mm fans x4 is just too loud for me
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