Can I lower CPU fan RPM with these temperatures?

My CPU fan is kind of loud and I was wondering if it's safe to lower the fan RPM in BIOS. This is info I got from the BIOS:

CPU Temp: 40C
Sys Temp: 26C
Fan Speed: 2000 RPM
CPU Vcore Voltage: 1.192V
CPU IO Voltage: 1.048V
DRam: 1.488V
GPU Volt: 0.45V
3.3V: 3.408V
5V: 5.129V
12V: 12.32V

When I ran Prime95 blend test for 1.5 hours, the CPU temp was ~50C.

MemTest86+ worked fine.

If it's safe to lower the fan, is there a target temperature I want to reach? I want to lower the fan as low as possible since noises really bother me.
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  1. Yeah, 2000RPM can be noisy. Your temps look great. As for what temps indicate the danger zone, you gotta tell us what's your CPU...
  2. oops how stupid of me :sweat:

    this is my cpu: Intel Celeron G530 2.4Ghz
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