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I live in an apartment & only have a cell phone & cable tv/internet is not available but the apartments across the street have all the above & I was wondering if I invested in a good wifi system would I/could I recieve internet signal from them at least until They get cable/telephone service ti all of us on the other block thanx gevinsky
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  1. The problem isn't range -- if the apartments are directly across the street the signal could be stronger than, say, from next door to you.

    But the chances are the service they are receiving is secured, and it may not even be via wireless.

    If it is wireless you'd need to ask one of the people opposite to reveal the password to you.

    A computer equipped with a wireless adapter and placed near a window might then work.
  2. Thanx can you all so recomend a good wifi
  3. There's not a heck of a lot of difference between them -- brand is largely a matter of how good the after sales support is. As you don't know what wireless mode you need there's not point in spending more on wireless N.

    Whether you choose PCI card, PCMCIA or USB type adapter depends on your computer -- personally I prefer PCI for desktop and PCMCIA for laptop but USB will work on both.
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