Testing RAM - HCI memtest or MemTest86+?

Last time I overclocked MemTest86+ was what I used, but I see some people like to use HCI memtest instead.

Can someone remind me how to test the Ram/Memory with these programs? What do I input, or what test do I select, and for how long? If I remember correctly MemTest86+ would tell you which dimm failed? I forget.

Please give me a quick refresher
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  1. I use memtest86+, and have not used HCI memtest. memtest86+ has bootable CD and USB files on its website you can download and burn to the appropriate media.

    You boot to memtest86+ and it will run 9-10 different iterations to fully test your RAM. It will stop if it encounters errors, showing the errors in red font on the screen. You should use it to test each stick of RAM individually, and if both pass, then as a set.
  2. I use Memtest86+ and some makers like Corsair for example accept the results for RMA's.
    It was specified in the RMA procedure.
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