I can't believe it!!! How could this happen?


I'm in disbelief right now. I built a computer for a friend and a few months later the monitor started going blurry until you turn it off and back on. Then a few minutes later it will happen again. It's a Gigabyte mobo with on-board graphics that I've never been real fond of but she just uses email and such. Anyway I figured it was the 3200 graphics that was causing the problem so we ordered a 4350 ATI. I installed it today and poof the problem is still there. Any ideas?

HELP Please ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

XP Pro
Sony Monitor LCD

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  1. Try a different monitor as you said "the monitor started going blurry until you turn it off and back on" I don't think turning the monitor off and on would temporarily fix something wrong with the gpu and/or mobo.
  2. its tthe monitor dude, always read reviews before buying dude.
  3. Yes, I should of mentioned that. I hoked a brand new LCD to it and the same thing happened. That's why I thought it was the graphics...
  4. I've also tried it regular and through DVI... Same thing...
  5. ok, heres an exercise, bring ur monitor to her house, hook ur monitor up to her pc, and see if it still happens, it wont, because u need to ge4t ehr a new monitor
  6. No man... I've had it hooked to two monitors and the same thing happens. It's not the monitor. Stumped? So am I...
  7. you must have a discrete card you can test with
  8. make sure the refresh rate is 60hz
  9. Did that... What could it be? Not the monitor... Not the video... Cable? No, I think I changed them with the new monitor. Bios setting? Not sure.. Quality setting? Maybe... Hmmm... Both monitors had identical results. A green choppy bar at the top about 1/4" tall and fuzz so nothing is readable. Can barely see the mouse move. Jumper setting? don't think so. No overclocking done.
  10. Have you tried a different cable too, I couldn't tell from the post. Also, try physically moving the computer somewhere else, just in case it is getting interference.
  11. update the graphics drivers to most rescent.
  12. reinstall windows
  13. First of all, you know that your computer and your monitor work. Try the monitor on your computer with her cables. If it still does it try the monitor with your cables. Check the power cable as well. If nothing is wrong then try the computer on your monitor with your cables.

    I'm guessing that the power cable your using for the monitor could be faulty, the outlet you plug it into is faulty, or there is some EM interference screwing up the monitor.
  14. Something has failed. Since you seem to be able to exchange parts, I suggest that you do so in some sort of an organized manner, one part at a time in order to find the failing part.
    Take the parts out of the case, and start exchanging parts. My guess is the psu or the motherboard.

    Is it possible that dust has accumulated, and there is a heat issue?
  15. Hey Guys,

    Very good suggestions but I've done most of them. They moved houses and the problem was at both places. The computer is brand new with new power supply and no dust problem. I think geo might be onto something. Hmmmm... It was a nice Antec psu but even the best have a failure rate... I don't have a spare psu to try...

    All cables were switched and no change. I'm thinking geo is on the right track. Makes sense. There is some kind of grounding issue that wouldn't be mobo or vid card specific. Just not sure how to test it?

    Thanks for all your help.. Much appreciated!
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