New mATX rig, coming soon.

Alright so over the past few months I haven't really posted.. Real busy but, I finally figured the parts I want. Why it may not be the best price to performance ratio, I have to do is because I'm a real big perfectionist in every aspect. I've only ram into one dilemma.

Corsair HX620
Corsair Dominator GT
i7 920 D0

Now here is where you come in. I'm looking for an mATX case, tower or cube it doesn't matter but I have a few requirements. If you think I'm being lazy, suit yourself because I've been looking for a long time and I've yet to find anything fitting perfectly. Keep in mind I will make some modifications if or when I need to.

1. No plastic
2. Cable management
3. Fits Thermalright TRUE Black
4. Two hard drive slots or more

I've found a few cases already that would fit the bill quite nicely, but again I would need to do some modification to get them where I would like. So far my favourite choices would be the Lian Li A03 and the V351. The problem with the v351 is I would have to change the back plate, moving the power supply to where the hard drive cage is and then the cage into the spare two 5.25 externals. Another concern with this case is cable management.

I've run on enough with this and while I still have alot more to say, I'd rather not have you reading an essay. Thanks in advance, and if I seem a little snotty thats my perfectionist side..
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