Laptop Keyboard Problem?

Hi all!
Just wondering if anyone could help with a problem that I'm having with an Acer laptop keyboard.
The keyboard doesn't seem to be working.

I took the laptop keyboard out and when it was out of the laptop it worked perfectly, but when it's in its original position it wont work. Yeah, its weird!

Please comment if you would know how to fix this.

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  1. there is a loose connection in the laptop you may have to send it back to acer

    try to wiggle the keyboard when it is in the laptop
  2. Well sending it to Acer would be the hassle free way.

    If we modify the laptop too much they might refuse your warranty.
  3. It's really difficult when a laptop give u a problem and especially when it comes to hardware problem, agree with upendra and amdfangirl, just send it back to acer... :)
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