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Hey guys.. I'm thinking about upgrading my computer with a new CPU. This build is about 2 years old and I'm running an Intel e2160 with a mild OC to 2.4ghz. I'm thinking about moving up to a Q9550 which would allow me to keep a majority of my current components.

For the most part, I just play online FPS games like L4D2 & CoD4.. and I don't do a whole lot of video editing or anything along those lines.. My computer seems to handle these games pretty well so far, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to consider an upgrade to increase the performance and decrease loading times.

Another thing I had considered would be to buy a completely new computer, but that would probably end up costing me well near $2000 to buy all the components I'd want.. i7 920, hd5870, 24"+ monitor and etc.. lol

Here's what I'm running now:
mobo- Gigabyte P35 lga 775
cpu - intel e2160
gpu - 9800gtx+
ram - 2gb ddr2 800
psu - 450w corsair
monitor - 22"

My question is, would it even be worthwhile to buy the q9550 to upgrade this system, or should I consider the alternative and building a completely new setup?
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  1. wouldnt bother buying new... upgrade to a 9550 quad core, you wont regret it and it will run games for a long while yet. Ive upgraded mine to a i7 920 and to be honest the performance increase was smaller than going from a q6600 to a 9550.

    later on replace the video card for something quicker like a 5850 ati..

    if your running vista, ditch it and go for windows 7 that will speed it up a bit too.
  2. Oh snap, I forgot to mention.. I'm still running XP, never bothered with Vista and haven't looked too much into Windows & yet.. lol

    I'm also curious about my memory, I only have 2 GB, how would adding a couple more sticks work with the setup?

    I wouldn't mind upgrading to another GPU, but I think I'd have to look into upgrading the PSU too.. then I'm nearly upgrading everything at that point.. lol

    Maybe it's just me, but I have my monitors resolution and most games at 1280x768 resoultions.. anything higher and the letters get too small to read >.<
  3. if youve got a 24 inch monitor then 19--x1080 would need a decent card

    xp can only access 3gb anyway, but if your going with 7 youll get a sign up saying 4 gig even if you can only access 3.5 of it. its a limit of 32bit os

    the 9550 will fly for a while yet as its a good chip. for a little more a 9650 is available - check that out too. gpu go for a ati 5850 - psu might need a boost too. but cheaper than spending 2k - save up and go for a new when the 3d stuff is sorted out.
  4. Quote:
    XP 32-bit can access as much memory as any other OS which is 4GB.

    xp only says 3gb on its properties page unless its 64bit version.
  5. It's a 32 bit limitation, not OS dependent. 32 bit XP and Vista will have the same addressable memory, somewhere between 3 and 3.5GB
  6. Hellboy said:
    xp only says 3gb on its properties page unless its 64bit version.

    it goes from 3 to 4 gig that is shown.
    it depends, the one guy gets 3.2 gig, the other gets 3.8, something to do with addresses that are still available
  7. Buy Q9550 or even Q9400 will be fine(Q9550 is too costly these days)

    Get 2 More gigs of RAM.

    HD5850 is a good card.If you have money purchase it.

    A lil Advice from my side:
    Switch to Windows 7. It is much faster than XP for everything.I use both.
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