Can I be memory-bottlenecked?

I'm being bottlenecked by something in WoW and I'm not sure what. Basically, I'm locked in at ~50fps at max settings (1080p). Even if I lower video settings, my FPS doesn't go up. The only exception is view distance. If I turn it down all the way I get like 130fps+. I thought I was CPU limited, but I recently overclocked my Q6700 from 2.66ghz to 3.5ghz and I didn't seem to get any FPS increase whatsoever. I'm only left with my memory, which i thought I had plenty of. Here are my exact specs:

Q6700 @ 3.5ghz
ATI 5850
4GB RAM (specifically:

Any ideas? Is it still my CPU, or could it be my RAM?

EDIT: I should mention I'm getting these FPS numbers in the middle of nowhere where other people claim to get 100fps+ easy.
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  1. No your system is more than enough for playing WOW.
    How is your FPS in other games ?
  2. graphic card.
  3. No,5850 is more than capable to run wow without a problem
  4. Agree, your hardware (at least if it is working correctly) is way more than you need to run WOW.
    Your spec list is a little incomplete, what OS are you using, what hard drive? It is helpful to know those as well.
    Have you checked to see what might be running the background? Perhaps you have something else running that is hogging system resources. WOW is not that hard to run, and your machine should run it without a hiccup.
  5. My FPS in other games is fine... I get 50fps+ in Bad Company 2 on max settings at 1080p, and that is certainly more graphic-intensive than WoW.

    I forgot to mention it, but I'm using Windows 7 64bit and a standard 7200rpm HD.

    I mean, 50fps in WoW is fine, but I'm reading numbers of what other people are getting and it seems like I'm bottlenecked somewhere.
  6. Are you using AA too ?
  7. Maziar said:
    Are you using AA too ?

    Yes, and turning it off doesn't increase my FPS at all.
  8. The link is an outdated newegg deactivated item. What is the memory, speed, and timings?
  9. So do you get 50FPS in every scene?(indoors/outdoors) and when you lower the view distance its 130 in every scene ?
  10. Im not too sure about hardware bottlenecks, but do you by anychance have v-sync on?

    Ticking that box in the wow settings sets your framerates to a multiple of your screens refresh rate, and seems you have not mentioned anything about it yet, possibly you have overlooked the setting.

    Regardless, good luck in finding the problem :)
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