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Background: At the beginning of the month i ordered a whole new system to put together. I got all the items and put them together, wouldn't work. I eventually narrowed it down to either the PSU, motherboard or CPU, but didn't have the capability to go beyond that. So i rma'd (replacement) all three with hopes i'd get luckier next time.

Well my CPU was the Phenom II X3 720 black from newegg. I look at the website today, and i notice that the item is deactivated! In all likelihood the CPU was fine, i just didn't want to chance it. But now i'm really regretting it because it looks like i'm going to have to choose something else.

So, what's the deal with the Phenom II X3 705e? I see it's been on the market a while, but practically no reviews. I would like to overclock, and i'd like to unlock the fourth core...

There might be another option too. Can i call newegg and just have them ship the CPU back to me along with the other RMA'd parts? Then if it doesn't work i'll RMA the CPU to AMD (they should have it right?).

Help, i'm in a panic!
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    newegg does silly things at times, like deactivating some items when they are out of stock rather than listing them as such, im pretty sure it will be listed again in a few days, im not sure why they do it but a few months ago they had deactivated the 955 for a few days.
  2. Ok, i'll ride it out a few days. They probably won't get my RMA until thursday or friday, and as such won't do it anything with it until next week. Hopefully by then the 720 will be back.

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. Update: the 720 is no longer deactivated, haha.

    Very very very very silly.
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