E machine wont boot up with the hard drive connected

I just moved and my emachine worked fine now I have tried ti boot it up and it gets part way and stops. I have wipe everything off and tried to restore from my disk, nothing. I check the boards and nothing lose inside
If I disconnect the hard drive it boots up but when I connect it back it won't boot...what is going on
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  1. could be a number of things i would check every connection in the cas make sure every wire is snug check to make sure ur ram is snug to could have been josseled a little. If all of that seems ok i would have to say its probbally the power supply emachines are very cheaply put together.
  2. Jonnyguru.com has a review of the POS Bestec PSU that eMachines used/uses. It will gradually destroy the system with turn-on spikes. If you've not upgraded it, and don't plan to, get one of the 80+ bronze 300W-350W Seasonics for ~$38-$43. If you have, or plan to, you might want something in the 500W range like an Antec Earthwatts.
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