motherboard voltage vs RAM voltage?


For its memory slots, this Gigabyte motherboard ( has "6 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 24 GB of system memory".

I am wondering if this mobo will work with my OCZ ram ( which runs at 1.65V? I am planning on getting 6x1GB of this ram but there is a difference in voltage (1.65V mobo vs 1.50V ram).

Thus, will this ram work with the mobo? Is there any cause for concern here?

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  1. Most gigabyte boards have a ram voltage adjustment in the bios. 1.65 should work without any problems. At the first post screen, go into the bios and check the voltage and set it manually if needed. I also read the board manual by downloading it before ordering if I need more info or simply want to check the bios adjustments.
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