Help brand new build shuts down itself

Hi everybody!
Im new to Tom's hardware and I have a big problem... :(

I made this build myself today with hardware I ordered from Tigerdirect and Ncix, here are the parts:

Case = Antec NineHundred
Motherboard = ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
CPU = Intel i7 920
CPU Cooler = Corsair H50
RAM = Corsair 1600 Dominator DDR3 6gb kit
HDD = Seagate baracuda 320gb sata
DVD drive/burner = LG sata
GPU's = Two BFG GTX260 in SLi
PSU = Corsair HX750 modular

I was very excited until I started it for the 1st time and after setting the bios and trying to install Windows7... the pc started to shuts itself down with no particular reasons for my knowledge... It shuts down and reboot itself continously so I figured something was wrong..

First I tried to unplug my second video card since I tough maybe my psu wasnt strong enough for this sli setup even if I checked lots of reviews and stuff before buying it... No change.
Then I tried lots of things like unpluging all hardware one by one, reseting the bios with the mobo jumber, changing the video card... unpluging everything and plug it again witout ANY changes ! :pfff:

Im desperate... I don't know what to do and this PC cost me a lot every part is brand new! (except for the HDD comes from my old PC)

Please somebody help me I would try another psu but is it even possible a quality psu like this to be defective out of the box?

Thanks a lot in advance :)
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  1. what are the CPU temps? it might be too hot

    and the HDD were there any problems prior to the installation?

    what is the CPU core speed and bus speed?

    it could be that the RAM is going faster than the CPU
  2. Make sure 8 pim EPS cable plugged in at upper left corner of MoBo near CPU.

    1. Remove one Vid card

    2. Go into BIOS, hit F5 (As I recall, this sets up BIOS to default)

    3. Set RAM timings manually in BIOS to what it says on RAM label

    4. Set Boot drive priority to DVD

    5. Check BIOS settings for correct stock CPU speed

    6. Check Hardware Monitor section in BIOS for correct voltages and temps

    If that don't Memtest4+ (
  3. Upendra09 : The cpu temps were around 30* so i don't think thats the problem its an i7 running all stock (2.66) auto everywhere... My ram is 1600 and I did set the speed to 1600 manually the first time I started the PC but it shut down trying to install win7...

    jackNaylorPE : I already tried all these steps before posting this thread! :s except for memtest...

    thanks for your answers I still need help !
  4. yeah listen to jack naylor he knows what he is talking about
  5. You mean the machine just shuts off as if you pulled the cord from the wall?
    I am investigating a 'shutdown' problem myself, which in my case points to the PSU. But as you point out, you've already got a good one; which should be sufficient.
    All the points made above are valid of course, and should be tested out.
    But typically, or maybe I've got the wrong perception, if the machine just shuts off, i.e. without BSOD or freeze or similar, maybe it's the PSU afterall... Short???
    Would you have access to a spare PSU, maybe less powerful, and then just run one graphic card?
  6. Yes that is what I have to try tomorrow at work... Pus antoher psu in there and see what happens because im runing out of ideas!
  7. I tried to reset the cmos removing the battery, unpluging the HDD and the DVD and still it shuts down right after POST... I didnt put any mobo speeker tough maybe I would get a message or something?
    I tried to remove a DIMM too but no changes...

    My psu seem to be runing at full speed because the fan is VERY noisy but its like this since the first time I started the PC.. I have no shorts everything is connected correclty I can't even get in the bios now it shuts down 1sec after POST.... :(
  8. What about setting everything to Failsafe-Mode in the Bios?

  9. I hate to keep erpeating my self, but ...
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  10. I did all the checklist 2 times before posting... thanks anyway
  11. Well then, since you tried an absolutely minimal setup, the possibility of a short is low, unless it's in the mobo. Although you got a good one, you could have gotten that rare bad PSU that sneaks past QA. Hopefully your further tests will confirm or deny that.
  12. Indeed it was the psu I plugged a HX620 and it works perfectly smooth.... Can you beleive it?? A corsair HX750w brand new and DOA !
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