Gigabyte GA-M720-US3 dual bios not working

Hey guys, I recently flashed my bios to F2 apon restart computer powers up, fans run, my monitor has no signal and there are no beeps.

I have tried:
testing my video card in another computer (works fine)
removing power and battery for 30sec
all F keys (seems keyboard doesnt work anyway)
I even shorted the bios pins as shown in this forum for a different gigabyte dual bios board.

Now i'm really stupmped and a little upset because i just bought the board 3 days ago.

Can anyone help?

I thought as soon as there is a problem the backup bios is supposed to kick in... but it doesn't even work after shorthing the main bios.
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  1. if You can.... RMA and get a replacement.... seems more like the Cmos, backup chip is not doing it's job.
    Get it replaced ASAP......
    If the company gives a backup system and that don't work, they will replace it. Hopefully.
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