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  1. Pretty much the same. Get on newegg's email promo list. They had the first one for $19.99 with free shipping last week using an email promo code. You have to register and it takes about 24 hours to process.
  2. i have a newegg account ( if i can rememeber what my username and password are).
    its just that ever since ityped in my email on geeks.com i get like 3 emails a day...
    but i will do that. THanks
  3. I would not buy any of those cases.....shipping ($15) is 50% or the purchase price ($30).

    Recognizing that you are on a budget, $79 is about the entry point for a case that's not gonna put a crimp on your components.
  4. a crimp?what do u mean?
  5. Frys.com had the antec 300 for $49.99 with free shipping, last time I checked. It's much larger and better overall than any of your rosewill cases. Newegg was higher for the 300. Frys in stores only has a raidmax atx case with 380w ps for only $19.99 on sale through tomorrow.
  6. i want microatx case though i alrready have the system functioning i a full t9owr atx
  7. They're all pretty much the same with cosmetic variations. The first one has a slightly different drive cage. I agree with the others. You can do much better. You just have to sign up for vendor newsletters to get special promo codes, check prices regularly, and be patient.
  8. patience aint my strong point...
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