The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Hello, I cannot be able to access my harddisk. I have important data that I must recover. It gives an error "F:\ is not accessible.
The file or directory s corrupted and unreadable. Please help
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  1. That's not a good sign. You can open a command prompt (as administrator) and type:

    chkdsk x: /f

    replacing x with your drive letter. It will attempt to fix the file structure. You may still lose parts or all of those files depending on how bad the corruption is.
  2. Thanks! I will try this out. How do I run the command prompt while it cannot boot from the disk? Do I use a different harddisk and run the command prompt while the corrupted disk is connected?
  3. You didn't mention that this was your boot disk and considering that C drive is normally your boot drive and not F, I didn't realize you couldn't boot your computer.

    In this case, you can try the ultimate boot cd.

    You can run testdisk off of it and hopefully fix your problem.
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