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I just upgraded from a X2 4000+ to a X2 5600 brisbane, my temps with my 4000+ were around 40-50º C tops.. My cpu gets up to 60-63 ish in games and my video card also gets pretty warm, around 55 but I just purchased a secondary monitor so that might explain it. I have a really good thermaltake cooling case.. Am I ok to run these temps for awhile until I get a new heatsink fan or should I avoid gaming??

I just put on some artic5 thermal paste im not sure what the temp would be without that..

please get back to me

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    63c is ok for now. As summer approaches, you may want to change your heatsink. SLickdeals had a decent 92mm copper heatpipe listed for $6 after $10 rebate last week.
  2. I ordered a new heatsink its gona be here in the mail soon but im really into tf2 and cod4mw2 and I wanna play them but im scared to fry my cpu, also my gpu hasbeen getting around the same temps for some reason.. Ive been reading around on different forums and people are saying that 60c is dangerous and it will fry your cpu.

    what do you think?
  3. I just put on my antistatic wristband because im really curious how its possible to get this hot, I touched the heatsink, it doesnt really even feel that warm. My motherboard is a dell inspiron 531s that I swapped into a new case. Do you think my sensors could be off?

    it seems like the temps drop from 60 when gaming to 50 in like 20 seconds, do most motherboards increase the temps by a certain amount just so ur extra careful? is it fixed?

    I was in tf2 for 10 min or so and my temps went up to 65º . Will my pc shut down before the cpu fries or will my computer just die with no warning?
  4. I picked up a thermaltake heatsink and my cpu temps are steady 45-51 under full load

    Go thermaltake.
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