My local disc d is not showing when i reinstalled windows

My windows7 OS crashed & had to install a newer version of windows7 on my laptop.Prior to this I had a 320gb HDD partitioned into drive C & D.I only formatted drive C before installing windows.When the installation was finished,only drive C appeared & my 64 bit is now a 32 bit system.BTW can I still recover my lost data even after I installed windows 7.I tried the upgrade option in win 7 in order to retrieve my files but it did'nt work & my original recovery dvd's could'nt repair or recover the previous OS.
Need help pls.
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  1. Not sure why it won't see the other partition, but 32 bit and 64 bit are two different versions. You can't use the recovery CD from one to restore the other.

    Have you tried going into disk management and assigning the letter D to the other partition?
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