Radeon X1950 PRO 512 MB >>>Heat issues<<<

Running 32-bit Vista on a Intel(r) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz 2.66 GHz with
2047 ram. I have a Radeon X1950 pro (512) MB video card.

And I’m having real trouble with video card heat issues.

A couple of minutes into playing games like The Witcher ore Medieval total war 2, my computer will give me this annoying high pitched noise from my speakers and a warning message that my video card is overheating. Seconds after that my entire computer reboots.

I downloaded ATI tray tools and manually set my fan to max, I even hear my fan working like crazy but this doesn’t help at all. 3 minutes in to the games and my video card heat goes ballistic.

In the catalyst control center the temperature goes up to a 100 degrees. Normally on startup its around 73. I can do everything but play games. Watch HD movies... decode vids.. Photoshop, everything normal except for games.

Computer summery
Sapphire VGA Radeon X1950 PRO 512 MB, PCI-e16x
Asus motherboard
Intelcore 2 duo E6750 2.60 GHz, 1333 MHz, 4mb boxed
Kingston valueRAM Dual Channel 2048 MB, PC5300, 667 MHz,5,Non-ECC, Kit of 2
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320 GB, 7200 Rpm, 16 MB, S-ATA II/300
Atec Sontana III 500 black, 500 watt, 1x130 mm

Has anyone got any suggestions?
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  1. The most likely cause it the thermal paste between the GPU chip and the heatsink is starting to deteriorate (cracking). The least expensive option would be to take off the heatsink and clean off the remains of the thermal paste and apply a thin fresh layer. I typically use Artic Silver 5.

    The memory chips may or may not also come into contact with the heatsink. If so then clean and apply thin layers of thermal paste.

    I do not know the procedure to remove the heatsink.
  2. I think I found a Manuel on the procedure u are talking about.

    Hoping for some other reactions before i go fiddling with my video card.... :)
    Thx tho,
  3. Clean out the cooler the dust is most likely blocking airflow.
  4. cleaned out the cooler etc,
    wish it were that simple, didn't do the trick
  5. if its a single slot cooler on the card ...find another gpu heat sink like a thermaltake duorb cooler or what have you.
  6. perhaps something with heat pipes but not to expencive

  7. Cleaning the cooler would be step one but with a card of that age re seating the cooler with new thermal compound is where i would be going next.

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