Frame rate issues

Hi folks,

i have the following rig.

CPU: AMD Phenom x6 1055t @ 3.7 from 2.8
RAM: 8gb Corsair xms3 1033mhz
GPU X2 AMD 5870s Crossfired.
Windows 7 64bit

I think i should be getting more out of this rig than i currently am in games.

on games like crysis i can have the spec on high not even max, with the right crossfire profile on, and i still get frame rate issues, even at times before the game gets busy.

And on WoW i can have the game with a few setting on ultra, and high, shadows off and sun shafts, and still at 1080x1920, and run about 60fps, but i can get drops to like 45 or 56 at times, and after reading peoples setups and bench marks, i should be getting loads better than what i am, and I'm getting to a point where i need mega help.
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  1. search your card reviews online and compare to their results
  2. It's always scary when someone fails to list THE most important component in the computer.
  3. What's that you want my main board. If so its a Asus crosshair vformula
  5. Oh sorry haha new to this corsair hx750
  6. 45-60fps sounds pretty normal to me for Ultra on 1080p.
  7. Granted. But in sure I shouldn't be noticing any real lag in that dip. Isn't it 24fps the that human eye can't notice or something
  8. that 24fps thing gets people really confused. Because the human eye perceives about 24 images per second, it does not mean that an image should be produced at that rate would be perfect. See:
  9. The eye can see a huge "framerate"... just depends on what the source is (light vs dark, movement vs no movement, etc)

    Anyway, original Crysis or Crysis 2? Original Crysis should play at max settings but with 2xMSAA, Crysis 2 should play pretty well at max, except that Nvidia gave them code to use for tessellation that is absolutely fucked and tessellates the *** out of concrete blocks as well as renders the entire ocean underground at all times.

    Not sure about WoW...

    Anyway, run 3DMark Vantage, you should probably get around 25-30000 points (Performance setting).
  10. Yeah it is crysis 1 is that msaa through amd settings or the game?
  11. Yeah it is crysis 1 is that msaa through amd settings or the game?
  12. In game, you probably want to leave CCC settings mostly at default. I was able to play Crysis 1 on my 5850s (overclocked) just fine with highest settings and 2xMSAA.
  13. I'm having an issue with crysis ATM in windows 7 anyway. But I just can't seem to get what the issue might be? I'll try it though and see what I get
  14. heres my score on 3d Mark 11 too

    Scores Given Suggested Scores

    Overall- ScoreP7422 P7200
    Graphics- ScoreP843 7P8200
    Physics- ScoreP5846 P5600
    Combined- ScoreP495 6P4900
  15. P8200 in 3DMark 11 is decent. I think that's around what I get, just over 8k.
  16. Yeah. The scores in the left are what I got and the right side are what it said the default for my rig should be
  17. You mean to say you scored 843?

    Ok, open MSI Afterburner and a game. Alt tab out after a couple minutes and check:
    -clocks - did they increase from idle/2d clocks (like 550/1000 up to 850/1200)
  18. Not using after burner. It using amd catalysit. The main GPU Is maxing and the crossfire one is just about undercutting the clocks maxing round about 1100 on the main.
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