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Crucial M4 128Gb or 256Gb or even 64Gb?

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September 13, 2011 6:11:24 PM

Can't decide what to get.
-I currently use 60Gb-70Gb on my OS/ Program Files HDD without the favorite games installed.
-Knowing that I will install 5-6 games each of them 10-12Gb plus I can put some larger files... so I can get to 150 easy. should I get the 256 or get a small one like 64 for OS only and a few important apps and save the money.
-I am also worried about spending that much when they not so reliable yet and I don't mind if my games will load 15 sec later or I will open a large CAD file a few sec later....
-the larger the ssd the faster will be.

I see most of the people went with 64 in past, now prices are lower they go with 128.... So , what to do? :hello: 
September 13, 2011 6:25:11 PM

"Please respond" :) 
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September 13, 2011 6:31:10 PM

Well what is it? What do you want to do? Do you want a snappier system? Or do you want to save money?

If your really down for a new SSD, you could go for a 64GB version, install only the basics (OS, updates, the most used programs) and that would help greatly. This would be the cheapest option to make your system faster.

Other programs can be installed in your secondary drive on the HDD with lots of space, the programs that don't need speed.

If you want to save money, leave it be :) 

Oh and by the way, those extra 15 seconds you talk about....over the course of a year, how many of those seconds add up? :) 

SSD's are pretty decent these days, rarely have they any problems. Most bugs were ironed out with the first and 2nd generation SSD's.

Just one tip though if you do get an SSD - it's best not to fill it up completely. Leave at least say 10-20% free space.

I've got an OCZ vertex 2 120GB and I couldn't be happier. Everything is lightning quick, and my boot time went from 1-2 minutes, to ~30 seconds to desktop.
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September 13, 2011 6:34:18 PM

i would go 128 with those options,, i got 90 myself and I would not go smaller,,,I am still happy with 90, but anything less will not do,,, I don't even have alot of apps installed.

Best solution

a c 353 G Storage
September 13, 2011 9:33:13 PM

.. Go with 2 x 128 gig Marvel based Sata III drives; One for OS + programs, 2nd one for games, cad/cam drawings.

Some comments:
(1) Yes the 256 would be faster as fat as Benchmarks go, but most would not see the difference in day-to-day usage. Same comment goes for Sandforce 22xx controller vs marvel controller.
(2) SF22xx controller more probmatic (OCZ = PLUG & PRAY) than marvel based Sata III (ie Intel 510, Crucial M4)
(3) Newer SSDs (ie sata III) seams to be more finicky than previous generation.

Note: Have 8 SSD. 2 x 80 Gig and 6 x 120/128 gig. They range from Intel G1, G2. Torqx, WD, 2 ea Agility 3's and 2 ea M4's.
.. 3 computers set up with 1 SSD for operating system + one "working" SSD. Other one alass only one SSD.
.. only SSD that I've had a problem with - OCZ SATA III. Four of the SSDs have been in use for over a year & a half WITH OUT a single error..
September 14, 2011 5:14:55 AM

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