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Hello, I have a thread already listed under General Discussion with the user name of wert9. I initially received two totally different answers to my question, both of which were highly inappropriate to my subject. above in the Message Title. I responded, however to both people, thanking them for their time. I now cannot find any traces of either my user name, nor any of my threads. Can someone please tell me if mayhap the topic has been changed in denomination, from its original title of General Discussion, or if I'm looking in the incorrect area? Thank You
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I've had a look round but can't see your original post and I'm afraid the search facility doesn't work too well.

    It's probably best the details of the problem back here and someone will doubtless have an answer.

  2. If you did not verify your account when you signed up, it was probably removed as a spam account.
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