Quiet CPU Cooler for AMD Phenom II X4 955

The stock fan makes my computer sound like it's trying to take off. Any recommendation on a not so mind numbing solution?
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  1. The Xigmatek HDT-S1283 will be a good buy. But you need to check your case since it is about 160mm tall. If you got a case that's at least 8" then you should be fine. It is easy to install and got 4PIN for fan speed control but it can only be oriented to blow air up or down ( on most common AMD motherboards ) so if you got a rear blowing fan, it may not be the best fit... What's your budget and your case so more precise recommendations can be made.
  2. i have a tuniq tower 120, which id recomend. its got great cooling, and i don't hear it over the top of my case fans, and i keep it set to 100 percent fan speed.

    tuniq just realeased an updated 120 extreme too, which seems to be even better.
  3. I recomend my NH-C12P you can set it to very low and you'll have temps similar to the stock and hear nothing... theres a new special edition with the 14cm fan that should have even better temps and less noise. this cooler can also cool your memory modules, since i have 4 its a big help.
  4. Its from Noctua lol forgot to say that.
  5. Zalman cnps9900,it is tall,but very effective.and quiet.
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