Asus Fan in need of a Stable Motherboard

I am willing to try out a different vendor. Stability is a key over overclocking or anything. I want long lasting and fast, but if it isn't stable - no go. That said, I am willing to look at server mobo's and and ECC RAM. I am wanting the MOBO to be compatible with the the new processors (Think Core i7's like the 980x). Any thoughts.
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  1. Since no one is responding, does anyone know of a site where there might be a more qualified technical base?
  2. You really think the i7 is going to be ECC compatible??????????? It's not going to happen.
    The Family of processors are not for servers and are for client machines, so it's not going to happen.

    Check the Intel FAQ's....
  3. If you want stability.... a good server board with dual processors (Xeon or Opteron) will really be a great deal.

    Actually , I'd rather like to know what you want to use the rig for..... that'd be quite an insight when a person talks about OC'ing and then talks about Server Mobos..... this has gotten me really curious.....
  4. So, you're looking for an extremely, rock solid stable system where stability is your No. 1 priority? I don't really know much about servers, apart from Opterons/Xeons and ECC RAM etc... However, but what are you willing to spend?
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