Windows 7 RC + 4850 + 1080p monitor = Black bars!

Purchased a new monitor for the availability of using 1080p HD. There are black borders all the way around the desktop that is approximately 2-3 inches from expanding the full depth of the monitor. Not sure what to do...

Monitor: Asus VH222H.
OS: Windows 7 RC 64 bit
Video Card: 4850 w/ CCC 9.10
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  1. is the resoultion set the same as the monitor.....Is there any control to expand the display in control center....u may also check the setting of the monitor too....
  2. In CCC it's set to 1080p. I click force, and select the resolution.

    On the monitor I'm unsure of how to set that... I've looked through the menu's and I don't see a setting to set a specific resolution.
  3. CCC is just set to underscan by default. You can use the overscan slider to get rid of the black bars.
  4. I'm not at home, so I cannot see for myself.

    Once I overscan and fill the entire desktop, will the sharpness increase? At the current setting, everything is tiny and somewhat blurry.
  5. I just installed Windows 7 and have been plagued with the black bars and blurry text since. Setting the Scaling Options to 0%/Overscan got rid of the black bars. I've got my full 24" back!

    Thank you!!!! :bounce:
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