Network disconnection issue

We have one 1 MBPS modem and then we have netgear for wifi and restricted site and then we have 24 ports d-link switch, we have connected 16 cables in that, after that cables we have end point computers, some has middle switch between them, but the issue is that we are getting disconnection in internet

Can you please help me for this to setup network with this configuration

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi,
    More information

    We have 1 MBps DSL connection for internet and we have one netgear for restriction of some sites,
    We have 24 ports linksys 10/100 MB D-Link switch.
    We have 15 linux and 3 windows systems,

    We have connected the network this way,
    DSL modem( -> Netgear ( -> D-Link switch -> 13 systems with switch directly (parellel to each other ) and other 4 are connected with one 8 port D-Link switch in other cabin.

    We have got network disconnection per 2 to 5 mins, and some times more.

    And we have disconnected every thing and also checked for viruses too.
    We have also tried to connect DSL to 24 port switch (without netgear), but the issue still with it.

    We have got no disconnection until the systems are in 12 number, if 13 of any other one is connected there is issues,

    Can any one suggest, what type of network we can setup in this, so there must not get any disconnections?

    And also suggest that if my connection method has issues ?

    Or may be issues with the netgear or parallel connections?

    Waiting for reply..

    Thanks in advance!!

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