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My PC is a Self Built PC
I am Using Core 2 quad q 8300 series with the mother board Asus p5kpl am\ps

My system is keeps on restarting i don't know the problem
Please advice on this

Let me know in case of any clarifications
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  1. Main causes of restarts:

    Bad memory.

    Overheating cpu.

    Solution? Run Memtest86 to test memory. Check your cpu temps (cpuid hw monitor, google it) under load test(prime95)

    Make sure your cpu fan is spinning, attached securely, and make sure it's not clogged with dust.
  2. Memory Works Fine..But the temperature is High..Chasis Fan is also not workin.

    please advice hw to reduce the temperature
  3. What are the temperatures for the cpu at idle and full load?
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    check if your hsf is working or not..
    unmount your hsf and clean it.. *i bet your hsf is full of dust right now..


    reseat your hsf, and apply new thermalpaste..
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