Best Nas Raid solution for my Mac

I have 3 Mac's, 2 running Snow Leopard, 1 running Lion. The Lion laptop will be travelling to many foreign countries this year. We want a storage device that:

1. allows all computers to share/store files. The travelling computer needs to have most files off the hard drive for security purposes.
2. wireless remote access, travelling computer will be using an Open VPN for added security.
3. media storage/streaming
4. minimum 1T storage with expandability
5. reliable (Netgear gets mediocre ratings as an example)
6. $1,000 top end budget
7. Easy Mac interface

Thank you so much!
Lanna Dickinson
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  1. We have had excellent results overall with Netgear.

    I think if you dig down with any manufacturer you will find a lot of people have problems. The questions to ask are:

    1) were the problems resolved (netgear support & user community great)
    2) were the problems of the user's own doing - the more units sold (and Netgear sells a lot) the higher the number of problems encountered, but what is that in terms of percent sold?
    3) what price unit? Keeping the budget low is not the best way to get the best unit. We understand financial constraints, but often you get what you pay for. Netgear and most every other vendor have low end units, sell lots of them, and have lots of problems. Again, though, are the problems solved and what percent of sales have a problem?

    Regarding your spec's:
    I don't understand #2, wireless remote access. The NAS will be connected to your local network with a cable, how you access it remotely is of no consequence to the unit. Use WiFi, Cable, 3G, 4G, whatever.

    In addition, media streaming - if video especially, will require some pretty good wireless connectivity.
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