Best gfx card without needing xtra power supply cord

hey guys im new here, need to know what is the best possible gfx card i could buy without having to upgrade the power supply that came with the system. I just want to play NBA 2k10 and some other games that dont demand that much hardware. I dont require playing in "ultra" high settings if you know what i mean. Just medium to high settings around 1024 x 768 res.

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  1. btw, i have a dual core 2.4ghz
    2gb ram
    board can accept pci-e x16
  2. An ATI 4670 could do the job. It's not expensive, it does not require an "extra power cord", and it should handle NBA 2k10 just fine.
  3. try a Palit 1gb 9500gt.. its just around 50$ and it has 1024mb of vram.. and i can play nba2k10 on high res and high settings.
  4. LOL, I was just playing that with my brother a couple of hours ago, the game looks so awsome maxed out. Looks like a real game almost.
  5. This thread is from last November...
    For anyone actually looking for an accurate answer: HD5670.
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