Ati radeon 3200 graphics card

is it a 1 GB graphics card or not?
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  1. I think it is a 512mb card.....
  2. but it is showing that it is 1gb card and the company also told that i have a hp pavilion dv6-1204au laptop suffiicient to run high end games like fear, cry, crysis etc
  3. If you are considering it for gaming,then change your mind,ATI 3200 is a low end cards and therefore it can run Fear and Crysis but at low settings at low resolutions,so don't expect great performance from it.
    and it doesn't matter if its 512MB or 1GB because the difference between them isn't noticeable in almost every game
  4. Yup i agree on that.....the only thing that matters the most is the memory speed and not the size...
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