Dell E521 memory upgrade

Ok, I have upgraded my processor from the 3800+ to a 5400+, the video card to a ATI 4670 all with excellent results. Now I am wondering if upgrading my memory modules will help improve performance. Currently I have the stock, 4 gig of ram installed from DELL.

I really have no clue here what to look for as far as compatibility, or even if "better" memory is available and\or would It really make a difference?

input, links, anything would be great.
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  1. 4gigs is plenty for gaming and general tasks.

    It won't give you much of a performance boost.
  2. Appreciate the reply. I do a lot of Photoshop work and have recently been doing some video editing which, by the way, isn't going very well, very clunky and slow.

    Think I will stick with images and forget the video side of things right now :-).

    Again, I appreciate your time here thanks again,
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