Is my OC normal?

Hey guys I just got my replacement GPU through RMA. I have the Sapphire 6870 w/ Dual fans (DiRT 3 edition) and I was wondering if my OC settings are normal considering my card is at a voltage of 1.220V. My core clock is 965mhz and my memory clock is 1120mhz. Using OCCT stress tester, my GPU temps are maxed out at 80*C and I get no errors after 5 min showing that it is stable. I use the automatic fan speed to get those temps but if I create my own fan profile, I can expect 3*C lower temps. Are my OC settings too low for that high of a voltage?
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  1. I retested OCCT and actually realized I need even more voltage for that same OC to get it stable. I upped it to 1.225V from 1.220V.
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