Cheap gaming pc Fallout 3 and older titles

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: November BUDGET RANGE: as cheap as possible


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor (Sony G520 21" CRT), speakers, PSU (Thermaltake PurePower 480W)?, case (Antec SLK3800B)?


OVERCLOCKING: Yes SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe, if cost effective

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1600x1200 (1800x1440 max resolution on monitor)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: the last game i played was half life 2 on my old system:

CPU: AMD 64 2800+
GPU: BFG 6800 OC 128MB
RAM: Kingston HyperX 1 GB DDR 400
HD: Western Digital 80gig 8MB
PSU: Thermaltake PurePower 480W
Case: Antec SLK3800B

I'd like to catch up on titles released since then up to Fallout 3 at max settings. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. Here goes...
    CPU + Mobo
    X2 550 + Gigabyte 770

    GSkillz 4GB

    Graphics card -
    HD 5770

    HDD -
    Samsung F3 500GB

    Total - $466 | $456 Including rebates...
    If you want it still more cheaper, then switch to this graphics card...
    HD 5750


    HD 4850 - (I doubt you can max out the settings with this card but not sure though...)
  2. +1 on gkay build
  3. thanks for the suggestions. could i get away with less CPU and still run max settings at 1600x1200? also, is my PSU (link below) compatible with the suggested motherboard and graphics card?

    thanks again
  4. the 4850 is definably not going to max some games at that resolution, but should do really good fps with mix settings with high and mid, 5770 will provide you with DX11, and upcoming titles but it falls somewhere between a 4850 and a 4870 so don't expect max settings either with this card, i would say since your shooting for an older tittle a 4870 will do you better, as for your Cpu question, its still better a dual core with high MHz although the price of quad cores has fallen to a point where we don't recommend to many dual cores anymore, although this still a viable opption specially if under budget and it happen AMD has the best dual core and budget game system, the tri-core that gkay provided will only speed up a few apps on desktop but dont spect a huge difference, although on your budget is the best you can get, but since you want a pc for gaming you need to focus on GPU rather than CPU.
  5. My 4850 easliy maxes settings indoors in fallout 3 and runs at 1600X900, all settings maxed with 2XAA and 8XAF pretty smoothly. that being said, its over a year old technology wise and you can do much better staying under 150-200 dollars for a video card.
  6. i sea said:
    My 4850 easliy maxes settings indoors in fallout 3 and runs at 1600X900, all settings maxed with 2XAA and 8XAF pretty smoothly. that being said, its over a year old technology wise and you can do much better staying under 150-200 dollars for a video card.

    the 4850 is definably not going to max some games at that resolution

    a 4870 is not much more expensive than some 4850, you assume that he will play fallout and nothing else, a 4870 is a safer investment since it will provide him more performance for cheaper.
  7. @ectocoolest I would suggest you change the PSU as well - Just 18A on the 12V rails is not at all enough for 4850 and above graphic cards...
    Check this PSU - Corsair 400CX - It is a 400W PSU and has 30A on the 12V rail...
    So you must have an idea about your PSU...
    You can run HD 5770/ 5750/ 4850 on that PSU without any major issue...
  8. just to clarify, i don't plan on playing any games newer than Fallout 3 on this system. once i catch up on older titles, i will build another system.

    so, would a 4870 1GB be more appropriate to reach my goals (1600x1200 max settings on Fallout 3)?

    thanks for the heads up on the PSU. i noticed the 4870 has a minimum requirement of 500W according to newegg specs. does the 30A on the 12V rail make the 400W corsair compatible with a 4870 even though the wattage is less than recommended?

    also, i plan on running windows 7 professional 64-bit. a detail i left out...if it matters.
  9. ^ Actually you will be able to run HD 4870 of that Corsair but I wouldnt suggest it as it doesnt have the required power connectors...
    Check this PSU...This is a solid deal...And can eaisly run the HD 4870, even the HD 5870 for that matter...
    OCZ mod 500W
    10% off with promo code OZSAVEOCT, ends 11/1
    ($34.99 after $25.00 Mail-In Rebate Card )
    Free Shipping*
  10. also look a this xfx card it has life time warranty and it has slightly a better cooler than the others, without mentioning its also the best price.
  11. i pieced together the following system using your suggestions:

    RAM + GPU $235.98
    G.Skill 4GB; 4890 1GB

    CPU + MB $159.99
    amd x2 550; gigabyte 770

    PSU $34.99
    500W OCZ

    HD $54.99
    Samsung F3 500GB

    Shipping ~$7

    OS $29.99
    Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

    Total $522.94 after rebates.

    For $20 less, I could get the xfx 4870 1gb card mentioned previously. Is the 4890 1gb worth an extra $20 or would the 4870 be enough for Fall out 3 maxed out on my monitor.

    Any other thoughts?
  12. ^ Frankly the HD 4890 is worth the extra $20...At your settings, you would get extra FPS and would be able to play at max settings too...But it would run warmer than the HD 4870.
  13. the G.Skill Ram went up in price so the combo with the 4890 isn't as good a deal anymore...

    would this RAM suffice?

    if so, here's my present build:

    HD Samsung F3 $54.99

    RAM OCZ AMD Edition Gold 4GB $83.99

    PSU OCZ 500W + GPU XFX 4870 1GB Combo $169.98

    CPU x2 550 + MB Gigabyte 770 Combo $159.99

    Total after rebates: 468.95 +~7 shipping = $476

    I'll buy windows 7 pro as a student for $29.99 and reuse my antec slk3800b case for grand total of $506

    Do you guys think this is a good deal for what I want to do? Or could I build a much better computer for not much more money (price/performance)?

    I really appreciate all your time and input. Thanks.
  14. it looks good also check this memory i like it better than the one you posted.
  15. ok, went with your RAM preference and also forgot to add the 10% off promo code to the PSU. Changed 4870 1gb to 4890 1gb. Here we go:

    RAM + GPU $249.98
    G.Skill 4GB; 4890 1GB [...] mbo.265385

    CPU + MB $159.99
    amd x2 550; gigabyte 770 [...] mbo.272089

    PSU $34.99
    500W OCZ [...] 6817341016

    HD $54.99
    Samsung F3 500GB [...] 6822152181

    Shipping $7.56
    Promo -$6.00

    OS $29.99
    Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

    Grand Total (after rebates): $531.50

    Is the G.Skill really worth the $11 extra? The OCZ is also 8-8-8-24 PC3 12800. What about the G.Skill 8-8-8-21 PC3 10666 (link below)? It's $85 instead of $95...
  16. the gskill you posted is 1333 not 1600 like the one i posted, and its cheaper than the ocz you posted above.
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