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Hey all,

I'm going to be upgrading my PC over the weekend, and wanted to check something regarding hard drives.

In my current system I have one physical SATA2 drive split into two partitions. The first is the C Drive that the system boots Windows XP (32 bit) from, and the second acts as a data drive for downloads etc.

For the upgrade I have purchased a shiny new SATA3 drive, which I intend to install Windows 7 (64 bit) and use as the system drive. My question relates to whether I will simply be able to plug in the drive from the old system and access the files from the two partitions, or whether it is going to be more difficult than this.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. The older HDD containing the partition for data wil lbe easily accessbile. the other partiton should in theory also provide access to your data - this does not include programs, these will need to be re-installed.

    I personally to make it simpler, would disconnect your old drive while you install windows 7 on the new one, then once complete shut down and connect the old drive. Be sure to make sure that BIOS will only boot from your new drive.
  2. Cool, thanks for the quick reply.
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