Why didn't my FPS go up with overclock?

I've got an overclocked 2500K @ 4.2GHz and a SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7950 OC Edition (900MHz stock core clock, 1250MHz memory clock). I did a test in DiRT3 and had about 60FPS average with a low of 58 at max settings. The GPU hit a temp of about 50C. Then I put the core clock up to 1020MHz and the memory clock up to 1500MHz and ran the same test, giving pretty much the exact same results. Why would this occur if I've given the GPU a decent overclock?
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  1. You need to turn off vsync
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    Is vsync enabled?.
    You should be getting more in that game then 60fps on that card?
    Vsync forces the fps to the monitor refresh rate usually 60 fps.
  3. I did not know that! Let me check (I'm assuming it's on). Look at this noob over here.
  4. Ah, much better. W/o OC, the avg is 77 and the low is 65. With OC, the avg is 86 and the low is 73. I also cranked up the GPU fan speed to 75% from a stock 40% which kept the max temp at around 47C

    Do these settings seem relatively sustainable? Or should I play it safe and lower all of the stuff again.

    (I haven't tampered with the voltage at all)
  5. Grea temps see no reason not to run it, no artifacting by the sound of it.
    Great overclock stable. Your good to go
  6. Excellent, I'm gonna keep it at these settings then. Just for giggles I turned all the graphics settings as low as possible and got about 250 FPS, I can totally see that with the naked eyed, /sarcasm.
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  9. hmmm
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