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I have windows vista 32bit oem. I had it installed on my old computer, then a friend installed 64bit vista for me on that computer. A while ago I sold my PC with the windows vista 64bit on it and bought a new i7 rig. I plan to install the old vista 32bit oem (I have the disc and product key) on my new computer and then buy an update version for windows 7. But the two questions I have is will the 32bit oem install on my PC even though it was installed on a different PC that was pre-paid/built and can you use windows 7 upgrade version on the 32bit oem assuming it works.
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  4. I can't honestly answer the 32bit-64bit question.

    But I would highly recomend not using a Windows7 "upgrade" disk. I know its windows 7. But I had problems with windows 98 and xp and there "upgrade disks"

    In fact, with the windows XP "update from 98" disk it was fairly common knowlege that it screwed stuff up in your system. and more times then not you would end up having to buy the whole deal.

    anyways just my two cents, but I would just fork over the extra 120bucks and buy the full deal, and do a clean install.
  5. well I was planning on buy a 64bit oem (windows 7) for $120, but I have my gf laptop and my own laptop I want to upgrade too that's why I wanted the upgrade version.
  6. Gotcha, meh, well its totaly up to you. But if it was me in your shoes i'd leave the current OS on the laptops and just put full W7 on the new desktop.

    (besides on the laptops would you really need 64bit?)
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