5970 Benchmarks

Just found this today...

The 5970 got benchmarked.

Test System:

* Intel Core i7 920 @ 4016 Mhz
* ASUS P6T Deluxe v2
* Patriot Viper 1600 MHz 6 GB Triple Channel Kit @ 1700 MHz
* Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
* HD 5870X2 (HD 5970) running at stock speeds

This is an engineering sample, so they say this doesn't represent how the final product will perform but in my opinion...it's pretty disappointment even being a sample.

and heres a quick benchmark I did with my computer.

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  1. Are you saying that it may not be the fastest single slot dual GPU card?, you do realise that is bordering on heresy?
  2. I didnt realise it was still the middle of October....

    If you had payed attention to the forum you migth realise that everyon knows about this.. Also, it seesm that this is mroe likely a sample of a 5950 (at the least is is strongly underclocked from a 5870)
  3. 5970 is underclock you can very easy overclock it with no proplem to 900/1250 without no unstabilities issues despite gtx 295.in your benchmark test to the gtx 295 bench you have lower resolution than 5970 and crysis is an old technology game try benchmarks like vandage to see the real diferrence .my 5970 900/1240 and a q6600 in extreme it scores 1500 if you dare do it with your gtx 295
  4. All i can say is........why havent you unlocked your x3!?! :P
  5. nvm i didnt read the OP entirely first so ignore this post :P
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