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Hi, haven't been here in a while but was the first place I thought of when I'd run out of ideas.
I am running (or trying to run) 4 RAM modules of Crucial Ballistix 1GB DDR2-800 PC6400 (part no: BL2KIT12864AA80A [2 kits]) in a Gigabyte P35-DS3R rev 2.0 board (part no: GA-P35-DS3R). Since the machine stopped POSTing with all 4 sticks I decided to try every module by itself and sure enough, the machine failed to POST with 1 of the sticks in by itself. Unfortunately I received no indication as to why the stick might have broken as I didn't get any crashes or errors to begin with. One day, the machine simply stopped POSTing and I opened it up to discover the problem.

Is there any way to test the stick and see if I can somehow revive it? This strange kind of failure is bothersome for one, and I would prefer not having to buy anymore DDR2 RAM in order to keep this machine operational and having more than 2GB of dual channel memory.

Any ideas appreciated.

PS. I do have another machine that will use DDR2 RAM so I will attempt to boot with that stick in the other motherboard when I get the chance in the near future.
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  1. Short of buying one of these: http://www.memorytesters.com/products_ramcheck.htm
    the only other ways to test your RAM is memtest86+ (www.memtest.org) or testing the RAM in another compatible system.

    Note that using multiple "kits" is not recommended. Although you achieve the density of 4GB and your motherboard can handle it, the pairs/kits were designed to run as they are. For example, you have two kits 2 x (1 x 1GB), but each of those kits were designed to run as a 2GB set up. To achieve the 4GB, you should've bought a 2 x 2GB kit.

    Another thing to know about RAM is that when occupying all DIMMs, you should increase your DRAM voltage by .1.

    Come back with the results of testing the RAM in your other system.
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