Hello :bounce: , i really unknow how pc works , i have a question , what would be the best settings/optimal ? if you can explainme why too :kaola:

(AMD 64 X2 , DDR400)



CPU2200MHz/RAM200MHz ?
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  1. cpu 2200Mhz/ ram 200mhz.

    memory overclocking just slightly noticeable in your application..

    but overclock processor have a huge effect for 3D rendering or gaming application.
  2. thx for reply , now I have question about my graphic card GT440 DD3 , i installed a program NTUNE and you can touch the core clock the max value is 1660mhz , but i cant past of 983mhz ? why ?
  3. like your car's speedometer..

    for example:
    the maximum speed on it maybe around 240 km/hr..
    maybe you can't pass more than 180 km/hr

    that's just speed guide, doesn't mean that you can reach the maximum value printed on it..
  4. thx for reply. i can't drive :p
    but it's 600 points difference between the maximum i can get and the max value NTUNE say , im in is it normal that huge difference ?
  5. For your video card, yes.

    According to newegg, the MSI N440GT-MD1GD3/LP GeForce GT 440 (for example) has a core clock of 810 MHz. You have almost reached a 10% overclock of a budget card which is pretty good.
  6. okay :D
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