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ASRock x58 Extreme Windows 7 installation

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April 22, 2010 8:52:43 PM

I've got a problem with what I suspect to be my mobo.. But first - Here's my setup
- Intel Core i7 920 (Standard cooled, not OC'ed)
- Triple Channel 3x2GB CorsAir 1066MHz DDR3 (I installed the newest BIOS-driver via USB-key 2.3 to support it)
- 1GB ATI Radeon HD5770
- 1TB SeaGate 7200rpm
- BluRay/DVD-drive
- 650W Powersupply

I boot up and I'm able to chose the disk, but after the disk is loaded and I see the glowing windows7 icon, then the screen suddenly goes blank. I get the errorcode "AA" on the motherboard, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I've also tried with only one stick, but still with same result.

Can any of you guys help me? - The solver of my problem is ******* awesome btw :bounce: 

Dwayne H. Petersen
Network- & Programming-techie

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a c 124 V Motherboard
April 23, 2010 12:00:27 AM

The code AA is a display configuration error. Several factors will affect display:

1. RAM - you've moved them around, but have you run memtest on them?
2. CPU - Make sure that it is seated properly. Same goes for the heatsink.
3. GPU - Make sure your video card is seated properly.
4. PSU - 650W is the maximum output. Check the amperage rating on your +12v rails, make sure you have enough to power your system properly.

Does your PSU connect directly to your GPU? or are you using molex adapters to connect your GPU?

Does the display problem only happen when Windows attempts to load? or will the same thing happen if you let the system idle in BIOS?

April 23, 2010 12:32:33 PM

1. Can't seem to find the possibility of mem-testing on the motherboard. All memory is recognized and it says it's running triple-channel.

2. I've reseated the CPU along with the heatsink, just to be sure.

3. I've reseated the GPU three times. It's in correctly.

4. It says 11.84 V.. Is that enough?

My PSU connects directly to my GPU (1x6 pin connector).. Should I try with molexadapters??

After a couple of attempts it does it every time Windows tries to load. But the couple of attempts before it gets that far, then it fails during the loading of the disk. It doesn't do it when idle in BIOS.

I think it's either my CPU or mobo..
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April 23, 2010 1:04:40 PM

Doh, I checked my PSU and I saw that it's a 530W.. Is that enough?????
a c 124 V Motherboard
April 23, 2010 7:11:17 PM

1. MemTest86+ is a DOS-based program that you can download for free at The latest version that I know of is 4.0. You should download the disc image (.iso) of MemTest86+ and burn the image to a CD. I believe Windows Vista and 7 can burn disc images, but if you don't have either, then get MagicISO (also free).

After you've burned the disc image to CD, put the CD back in the drive, and then restart your computer. The test will begin automatically. Allow the test to run over night. Note that if any errors are found, the testing will automatically stop, indicating the RAM is bad.

2. Have you reapplied the thermal paste? More importantly, are you certain that you applied the paste correctly?

3. Good.

4. Whether your PSU is 530W or 650W is not as important as what each +12V rail can handle. You've mentioned that your PSU can connect directly to your GPU, that doesn't tell me you have more than one +12V rail. Since you haven't mentioned the make/model of your PSU, i'm going to assume that the +12v rail can handle ~15A (these are typical values).

Assuming I am right about my guess on your PSU, I would consider looking at your PSU closer, rather than blaming the CPU or mobo. Generally, if you can get into BIOS and it is stable, then there is nothing wrong with the CPU or mobo. Now, when you try to load Windows, there is more load on your PSU because more system resources are being used.

To elaborate on the my theory of your possibly underpowered PSU, consider this example:

Your 650W (giving the benefit of the doubt) PSU has one +12v rails, with a ~15A max load. With your optical drive, hard drive, RAM, CPU, and fans, I'd estimate your load at ~10A. Assuming this guess is correct, your +12v rail just is powering the motherboard and peripherals is fine.

Now let's throw in the GPU. I haven't seen the amp requirement for your card yet, but the nVidia GTS250 has nearly equal performance and requires ~26A to power it. Let's assume conservatively and say your GPU needs 20A.

If you take ~20A + ~10A, that equals ~30A. I may be wrong in my assumption that your PSU only has one +12v rail, but even if you had two +12v rails with ~15A max load, you're only meeing the minimum requiremnts to turn on your system. This doesn't account for the increase in fan speeds when the system gets hot.

Keep in mind the above discussion about your PSU is only one possibilty. The other problem may actually be a bad hard drive. Meaning that if your hard drive can't be written to, then Windows can't install. However, I am fairly certain that you'd either get a BSOD or a Windows error message declaring the installation can't be completed.

To sum up...

1. Download, burn, and run MemTest just to make sure your RAM is good.
2. Check your PSU. Find out how many +12v rails you have, better yet, post what the sticker on your PSU shows.

Good luck