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Hi I have received an Asus A8V-XE motherboard and have a problem finding info on it. I can't find out if I can place an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ in it, and also if with that cpu could I place DDR2 667 or 800 ram in there. I have found out it supports DDR 400, but I am wondering if with that cpu would it allow me to put DDR2 ram in there. I currently know that it supports AM2 cpus with a 110W TDP, but apparently only up to 4800+ or an Opteron 185 Dual Core. I have a 5000+ cpu but if I need to I'll purchase another but I can't afford the Opteron 185. Please Help.
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  1. It is socket 939 not AM2... your 5000+ is a different socket.

    Not sure what the top end cpu it supports but they have been discontinues for a while now.

    DDR ram only.

    Find a AM2+ board instead.
  2. Thanks
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