Samsung T240HD monitor problem

I am using samsung t240hd with sony vaio vgn-sr26gn with a HDMI cable.
So far I had only once had a problem. The monitor didn't recognize the pc or whatever. I was solved when I restored my computer to a time before the most recent windows update.

Now I am getting an awful display. The monitor and the pc recognize eachother but the monitor is like this

It is like a horizontal line on my desktop is dragged all the way.
I restored the system to last night before windows updates. But I don't think the problem is related to the pc but rather the monitor. I am very worried. Hope you can help.
Thank you.
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  1. I solved the problem but dont know how:D
    I tried to see if it is working with DVI cable, then switched back to HDMI. It works.

    But my external harddisc and speakers were just near the monitor. Do you think that caused the problem?? And there are lighter horizontal lines at the top if you can see in the picture that are permanent. They were also because of the magnetic effects of those devices?
  2. Could just be you had a lose connection or some junk in the port to begin with. Screens like that usually happen when the connection is not steady or solid.
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