Older EIDE hard drive "sorta" recognized

The computer is older, an Asus CUSL2-c running Win2K. I use it mainly for internet surfing/ downloading etc.

The older hard drive was close to being maxed out, being only 100Gb. I installed a new Pata 320 Gb hard drive,
it works great. But the old hard drive, now located as a secondary IDE slave 'behind' the DVD-rom, isn't recognized
in Windows Explorer-- sort of! It isn't shown under the hard drives section, but it is shown under "My Network
Places"! My USB flash drives only show up here also. I can access all the files here, but would like to have the
computer recognize the hard drive/ flash drives normally. Everything seems normal in Computer Management.

Any ideas?

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  1. Running win 2k has to be the one thing that needs remedy right away.

    The rest of your issues take me back to wide ribbion cables and Master/Slave/Cable select jumpers with a maximum of 4 devices at any one time on your computer (Within limits...)

    But before I can get into your issue, I would replace that win2k for something else.. it has too many default holes for people to drive through.
  2. Well, the Win2k and all of my programs are all paid for. It would probably cost close to $10k to change to a newer OS and newer programs. I use it on all three of my computers and it has worked well until this odd issue.
  3. 10K?

    From who and what software? Are you a Company with many computers or just a person?

    I use alot of open source on my machines so I dont have to pay retail prices in the stores.
  4. I thought about it and decided 5k is probably a closer figure. New Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects Pro etc etc adds up.
    Good video editing back in the days of analog video cost a few pennies.

    Anyways, I've had four computers so far with Win2k and haven't had much fuss with them. My Dad's computer with Vista, by comparison, was a lot of headache. So I'm still wondering why these hardware items are an issue with Windows. All of these items have been recognized by Windows previously, using the same motherboard! I must be missing a checkbox or something......

    Cheers, Jeff
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