Watercooling 2 6970s and a cpu

Hello, I'm new to water cooling, and I already have which parts I need figured out. My main goal with water cooling is to get my 2 6970s in crossfire down. I was wondering if its possible, to put some kind of "T" valve coming out of the radiator, that way both the gpus and the cpu are getting cold water? So basically it would be radiator then split and one side goes to the gpus and one side goes to the cpu.
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    Splitting your loop is not good for your flow rates,
    check out the sticky at the top of the section for some general guidance,

    you could always have a rad between the Cpu and Gpu's to cool it a bit before it gets to the cards though
  2. Thanks for the quick response! Do you mind doing a check to make sure everything I'm getting works? Here's my parts.

    Radiator- Black Ice® GT Stealth 360 XFlow Highest Performance Radiator

    Pump- EK-DCP 4.0

    CPU Block- Enzotech Sapphire CPU Water Block Rev. A with "Micro-Pin Design"

    GPU Blocks- Alphacool NexXxoS ATXP ATI 6970/50 Series Water Block

    Reservoir- Alphacool Repack Dual Bayres 5,25" Version 2 - Clear

    Fluid- Phobya ZuperZero Pure Water 1000ml

    Tubing- PrimoFlex Pro LRT UV Green Tubing -3/8in. ID X 5/8in. OD

    Fittings- EK High Flow Fitting G 1/4 Thread - 3/8" Barb

    And then im getting a IandH Silver KillCoils - Antimicrobial .999 Fine Silver Tubing / Reservoir Strip for algae growth prevention.

    Thanks again.
  3. Ditch the coolant, go with simple distilled water. The rest looks pretty good. Why 3/8"ID instead of 1/2"ID? No real reason to be concerned as both are just as good, just curious.
  4. No real reason, just thought that 3/8"ID might be a little more flexible, but I guess there really isn't much of a performance difference between the two.
  5. Upon further review, I'm not sure that the rad I put on will be good enough. Could you recommend a good, triple rad that will keep my loop cool. I plan on using 1600 -1800cfm fans. I'd preferably like to keep the cost around 70$ at max. Thanks again, I'm just new to the whole water cooling "thing."
  6. Quote:

    Thanks again, I'm just new to the whole water cooling "thing."

    Hence, why we suggest taking a lot of time to understand what you need...are you in a big rush?
  7. I'm in a slight rush as I need it in before the Houston heat begins. And I've looked around quite a bit at Skinnee's tests and what not. I've looked at it for quite awhile, but I've never been able to afford it untill now. I'm basically just looking for personal feedback on radiators.
  8. Quote:
    I'm in a slight rush as I need it in before the Houston heat begins.

    Regardless if you go air or watercooling, you are still limited by ambient room temperature as being the coolest you can go. :/
  9. And you are (quite amusingly) confusing Rpm with Cfm, I'm not sure 1800 cfm fans would fit into the average case hehe
    And even if you add another rad, the only change effectively would be that it takes longer to reach thermal equilibrium,
    The point at which the loop balances with ambient temps because it can't dissipate heat any faster
  10. Yea meant rpm lol, and it'll still be cooler than sandwiched 6970s, and WAY quieter.
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