2 ATI Crossfire and 1 Physics Card

I currently have a fxf HD4650 single card on an old Pentium 4 single core 32bit board, and I'm upgrading to a AMD 965 CPU on a MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard. I don't want to discard the old card but I'm getting two HD4850 intended for crossfire. I want to use the 4650 as a physics card independent of the crossfire system. I found a description of this on the ATI website and I was hoping someone could explain how I could make this work with this hardware.
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  1. I don't think that many games support a separate ATI physics card. Many games support physiX which is an Nvidia hardware solution.
  2. I'm not sure how it works I saw a three year old description of it on the ati website. I think it was develped prior to quad crossfire.
  3. i think that thing is pretty much dead already. and if i'm not mistaken you can only use X1000 series card as dedicated physics card
  4. renz496 said:
    i think that thing is pretty much dead already. and if i'm not mistaken you can only use X1000 series card as dedicated physics card

    Those were the cards used in the discription. I have a much bigger problem now. I'm still trying to learn this I'm in the middle of my first build and all the parts are comming in. I've got the video cards now hd4890 I've got two for crossfire and I hooked one up into my old system a pentium 4 board. The boards from a gateway 506gr. I hooked up the card to get a taste of what I could look forward to but I think It fried the board. You wouldn't happen to know much about that card would ya?
  5. back then ATI want to accelerate HAVOK with their GPU but in the idea typically dead when Intel owned HAVOK. (i'm not really sure how things going on back then so correct me if i'm wrong). Recently ATI announced that they are going to use BULLET physics engine to work on with.

    Right now some people with ATI card using nvidia cards as dedicated physic card because they want to enable nvidia PhysX in game (game with PhysX support). but is more because of those game are built based on nvidia PhysX technology and PhysX run only on nvidia GPU.
  6. hi
    I know this topic has been written many months ago, but I really don't get it why all nice topics here would be dead after a short while!
    I have a question here that is that possible to have both Nvidia and ATi GPUs on a mobo like msi 790FX GD70? U know as I read up here, till BULLET PHYSIC ENGINE releases, and so game making companies start building games using that engine, it would be about 2011-2013, so Somebody like me which has an old Nvidia kit like 8800GTS on a monster MOBO which has an AMD X4 955BE on it, never can't buy a HIGH-End ATi 5970 VGA as upgrade, and as someone like renz496 says that we can have a high-end dual GPU using kit like 5970 ATi as primary VGA and use that old fashion 8800GTS by nVidia as the physiX card.
    IS THAT TRUE ??????? or I havva just buy a stupid kit single core GPU like nVidia GTX480 with a walking-on-your-nerves noisy Fan and a HEATER stracture (as it works in 98 Celcius DEGREES!) and an ultra-power-wasting technology which uses 106 wats of power just when you are running your desktop and 250wats when Gaming, when 5870 uses just 188 wats and it will cost u about at least 500$ to buy a normal card! ( if u want a better one like EVGA you havva pay 530$_www.Newegg.com_ and if u want NOT TO BUY AN A+ El DIABLO CASE AT 250$ WITH 36cms of FAN TO COOL YOUR EVGA CARD you havva PAY 650$ to buy a LIQUID COOLING EVGA CARD that just works 15% BETTER THAN 5870 at 1920x1080p resolution)
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