Intel Core™ 2 Quad Q8400 2,66GHz, Socket 775, 4MB, FSB 1333Mhz, Boxed w/fan

ASUS P5Q SE2, P45, Socket-775 DDR2, ATX, GbLAN, ICH10, PCI-Ex(2.0)16

Corsair TWIN2X PC6400 DDR2 4GB KIT CL5 Kit w/2x 2GB XMS2-6400 dimm's, CL5-5-5-18, 800MHz

Buying these parts for my computer and I cant decide which graphic card i should use. Would GeForce 9600 GT do the job?

I have 19" screen 1400x900 i think it is.

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  1. That would do....u may want go for a 9800gtx or HD 4650 or GTX 260....ur config look too good for a 9600gt....if u r a gamer then go for a higher one....
  2. IMO You'd be better off buying a ATi 5770/5750 as they have DX11 support.

    Or if your planning on upgrading that monitor in the future, then grab a 5850/5870.

    Or wait on Nvidia to release their G300 Series cards, theres no point in investing in old generation video cards.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Do I have to think about the motherboard? does it support the graphic cards or what? Im a bit of a novice..
  4. Maybe get a 9800gt instead? My budget is kind of limited!
  5. your motherboard is quite fine, Robinffs.

    If your budget is around $100, I advise you to get an HD4850. It offers solid performance, at quite a decent price. However, if you can kick yourself up to $125, newegg has HD4870's for that price, which is quite a great deal.
  6. Thanks for the help
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